Nil Gorkem

Nil Gorkem C Pierre Wachholder
© Pierre Wachholder

Nil Görkem's interest in Turkish folk dances began in the early 90s. She studied under masters such as Cengiz Senkule (Hatay, 1991-94), Murat and Bahar Özkan (Ankara, 1994-98), and performed as a dancer with various groups including Hacettepe Halk Danslari Toplulugu (TR) and Hoy-Tur-Ankara (TR).

Her artistic horizons expanded in Belgium with dance and percussion courses in various styles: she learned boleadoras from Patricia Van Cauwenberge, flamenco from Coral Vados, Kalbelia from Carolina Fonseca, Sufi dance from Ziya Azazi, and contemporary dance techniques from Ines Cera, Amanda Couturier, and Hans-Joachim David, before obtaining her certificate in contemporary dance from the Art-T school.