Lisette Lombé

Lisette Lombe c Mustapha Myopic Eyes Mezmizi
© Mustapha Myopic Eyes Mezmizi

Lisette Lombé, a versatile artist and cross-border figure, finds her inspiration through poetic, theatrical, plastic, activist, and educational practices. Her creative and advocacy spaces are grounded in her own mixed-race background, her journey as a woman, mother, and teacher. From these emerge collages, performances, books, and workshops, serving as conduits for both rage and eros. As co-founder of the Collectif L-SLAM, she was honored in 2017 as an Honorary Citizen of the City of Liège for her approach as an artivist and ambassador of slam poetry across the Francophone world. In 2020, she received the Golden Afro Artistic Award for her novel "Vénus Poética" (published by L'Arbre à Paroles) and the Grenades/RTBF Prize for her collection "Brûler brûler brûler" (published by l'Iconoclaste). She currently holds the position of National Poet of Belgium for the years 2024 and 2025.