JJ Bola

JJ Bola C Tunde Somoye
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JJ Bola is a Writer, Poet, and Educator, born in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo), and raised in London. His debut novel, No Place to Call Home, was published in the United Kingdom in 2017 with OWN IT!, then later translated into French as Nulle Part Oú Poser Sa Tête in 2022 with Mercure de France. He has written the non-fiction book, Mask Off: Masculinity Redefined, published in 2019 by Pluto Press. JJ Bola also has three previous poetry collections, Elevate (2012), Daughter of the Sun (2014), and WORD (2015) – all of which were published in a definitive called Refuge (2018) - currently translated in French to be published at L’Arbre de Diane. JJ Bola is also an ambassador for the United Nations High Council for Refugees, and works as a Mental Health Social Worker in a community mental health team.