Hélène Frédérick

Helene Frederick C DR

Hélène Frédérick was born in 1976 in Quebec and has been living in Paris for about fifteen years. After studying literature, she worked as a bookseller and then as a press attaché. In addition to her creative activities, she currently works as an editor and reviser in the publishing industry. She has written dramatic texts for Radio France (broadcast on France Culture and France Inter) and published three novels with Verticales editions: "La Poupée de Kokoschka" (2010), "Forêt contraire" (2014), and "La Nuit sauve" (2019), all of which were also released in pocket editions by Héliotrope editions in Quebec. In poetry, she has published with L’Oie de Cravan publisher: "Plans sauvages" (2016), "Une grande maison, cette nuit, avec beaucoup de temps pour discuter" (2021), and "Charleston 1974" (2023).